• New Playlist!: Adam Wills from Bear in Heaven
    New Playlist!: Adam Wills from Bear in Heaven

      Adam Wills is a very special person to the Friends & Neighbors team.  He has visited us here in Austin a few times and we cherish his friendship and energy.  Now he is here on business.  BAND BUSINESS.  Adam Wills is the guitarist/bassist extraordinaire in the...

  • Designer Profile: WOWCH
    Designer Profile: WOWCH

      How do I begin to describe Wowch??  It all started with a vision.  A vision of two beautifully collaged heat transfers (mostly involving cats) on tshirts.  Some cats were driving a Ferrari, some cats were in a bikini contest, some were having a psychedelic journey.  But...

  • Event: Buds & Neighbors
    Event: Buds & Neighbors

      You may have come to visit us one day, maybe got a coffee and sat in the backyard enjoying some peace and quiet and then heart the RIP ROARING sound of a chopper gettin started next door.  Yeah that’s right, we live next to BUD’S MOTORCYCLE SHOP.  And...

  • Meet The Neighbors: Eric & Nathan
    Meet The Neighbors: Eric & Nathan

    As far as we can tell, Eric and Nathan are a package deal and as two of our most loyal regulars, they were a natural choice for this installment of “Meet the Neighbors”. As a creative duo they comprise the local 2 piece band Oram. They meet...

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