• Vintage: Summer Beauties
    Vintage: Summer Beauties

    Just got a whole slew of new beauties at the store that are just waitin to be put on and worn out.  Check out the pics below and if you like what you see, give us a ring at 512.524.1271 or email me at jill@friendsaustin.com or just...

  • Event: Mario Kart 64 Tournament
    Event: Mario Kart 64 Tournament

      THE TIME IS NIGH!! BRUSH UP ON YOUR NINETENDO 64 CONTROLLER SKILLZ CUZ SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL NEXT THURSDAY!!Join us on Thursday, July 31st from 8-10pm in the evening for a good old fashioned Mario Kart 64 Tournament in the backyard with a screen/projector scenario....

  • Product Feature: Jojo’s Sriracha
    Product Feature: Jojo’s Sriracha

    I remember the day when we got a sample of this homemade sriracha to try out.  We dipped a sweet potato chip into the jar and my taste buds were like WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO TO ME, THIS IS DELICIOUS.  It went beyond regular...

  • Drink & Draw: Fill Bill
    Drink & Draw: Fill Bill

      It’s our inaugural Drink & Draw!! You may have seen the Fill Bill coloring book in the store and thought to yourself “this is amazing” and then when we ran out you thought “crap, i should have picked one of these up”. Well, here’s your chance to...

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